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1. Any and all references to Nutrition Trader should be construed as applying to the website owner and operator, as well as to the website itself.


2. All products, prices, terms, availability, and functionality are subject to change without prior notice.


3. This website is not intended for use by anyone under the age of 18. The entire website content is intended for informational purposes only, and Nutrition Trader makes no representation regarding any and/or all of the product(s) on the website, except for those expressly stated. No statement, claim, opinion, research, statistics, data, text, images or other information presented on the website has been evaluated or approved by any regulatory body in any jurisdiction. Use of the website, use of any content on the website, and use of any of the products on the website is at the sole risk of the buyer and/or the buyer’s customers.


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5. Buyer agrees to assume all present and future responsibility and/or liability for the requirements referenced in Part 4 above, which may include, but are not necessarily limited to, authorization to place orders; authorization to pay for orders; applicable business licenses and registrations; any and all requirements relating to importation, fees, taxes, customs duty and VAT; any and all requirements related to permits to import, distribute and/or sell the products in any country; any and all requirements for sanitary and/or health testing and/or registration of the products in any country. Buyer agrees that the responsibility and liability extends to fees, fines, or other sanctions which may be imposed by regulatory bodies as a result of failure on the part of the buyer to be in full compliance with any aspect of any applicable law or regulation.


6. The buyer agrees that, in accepting and processing orders, Nutrition Trader assumes no responsibility and/or liability whatsoever for any and/or all aspects of requirements referenced in Parts 4, and 5 above.


7. The buyer agrees that if subsequent to placing and paying for an order, the buyer encounters any problems or difficulties in importing the product and/or receiving the product, and/or re-selling the product, such difficulties and problems are the sole responsibility and liability of the buyer. Nutrition Trader will make all reasonable efforts to assist the buyer to resolve the problem or difficulty, but is not obligated to do so.


8. In cases where a buyer is unable to take delivery of an order, and the order must be returned to Nutrition Trader, the buyer accepts responsibility and liability for the shipping cost related to return of the order to Nutrition Trader as well as a re-stocking and administration charge representing 25% of the value of the order.


9. Instances of defective product will be investigated and settled on a case-by-case basis, and will be settled according to applicable laws, rules and regulations.


10. Nutrition Trader ensures that all orders are in good condition, and properly packaged for safe shipment at the time the order leaves its warehouse. As such, Nutrition Trader assumes no responsibility or liability for damage or loss that occurs during shipping.


11. In case of disputes, both Nutrition Trader and the disputing buyer will make every effort to settle the matter amicably. In the event that the matter cannot be settled amicably, both parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of an appropriate responsible court.


12. Notwithstanding Section 8 and 9, all sales are to be considered final.


13. The buyer acknowledges that he/she has read, understood, and agrees to accept all terms and conditions of ordering, pre-ordering as stipulated in the “HOW TO ORDER” section.


14. Errors and omissions on site and/or in the processing of orders excepted.


15. It is incumbent on the buyer to be aware of, and to inform his/her re-sale and end-user customers of the following:


15. (a) Any and all products on and/or from this website are intended only as supplementary nutrition for healthy adults. Do not use if you are under the age of 18 yrs. If you are pregnant, nursing, or have any kind of medical condition, or are taking any form of medication, or are undergoing any type of medical or physiological treatment, consult with a qualified medical professional before using any product on and/or from this website. None of the products on this website are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent, or otherwise affect any medical condition whatsoever. Consult with a qualified heathcare professional before taking any dietary supplement product, or starting an exercise or diet regimen.


15. (b) Before using any supplement product, read the entire label. Follow any instructions and heed any warnings thereon. If, after using any supplement product, you do not feel well, discontinue use immediately and consult a qualified medical professional as soon as possible.


15. (c) Products on and/or from this website may have been manufactured and packaged in facilities that process soy, peanuts, any nuts, shellfish, dairy products, eggs, wheat, and gluten containing foodstuffs. Vegans should be aware that, although a product’s active ingredients may all be plant-derived, the contents may be derived from animal sources. For example, both hard and soft gelatin capsules are typically derived from animal sources.

Privacy Policy

Nutrition Trader respects your privacy and makes sure that the information you provide us with will be treated confidentially. We use your company information to make sure your orders will be processed correctly. For other purposes, like sending newsletters, we will only use your information when you have approved us to do so. Nutrition Trader will not provide your company information to other parties, unless they are involved in the shipping process. In this case we only provide them with the information they need to deliver your order.

Nutrition Trader only uses your company information for the following:

  • To give you access to our product prices you need to be approved as a client. We need your personal and company information as is asked in the registration form.
  • To make ordering at our website as convenient as possible we save your company information so you will not have to enter every time you want to make an order.
  • We save the orders you have done so you can look into your order history and to give you the opportunity to easily re-order.
  • With your approval we use your email address to inform you about new products, pricing, special offers and other developments that can be of interest to you. If you no longer wish to receive these emails you can easily uncheck the “I would like to receive the Nutrition Trader newsletter” box on your personal account page.


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