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Kaged Muscle Pre-kaged - (20 serv) - Sour Apple

Kaged Muscle Pre-kaged - (20 serv) - Sour Apple
  • Kaged Muscle Pre-kaged - (20 serv) - Sour Apple




Kaged Muscle Pre-kaged - (20 serv) - Sour Apple 



    At Kaged Muscle™ THEY TEST, they DON’T GUESS. When it comes to formulating their premium products, they don’t borrow the research, they DO the research. Products are backed by proven clinical studies, NOT claims, or reinterpreted science from experts or brands that you shouldn’t trust.

    They will never use hype, puffery or borrowed science to try to deceive their loyal customers.

    Generic is just what it sounds like – an inferior replica that claims to be the same, but has, no evidence that the product works or delivers results.


    Claiming that generic ingredients are just as good as the proven, patented forms is like saying, all cars perform the same because they’re made out of metal. Would you say a 12-cylinder sports car performs the same as a standard 4-cylinder, economical vehicle? We didn’t think so, and neither does the R&D Team at Kaged Muscle™.


    Kaged Muscle™ has partnered with reputable and innovative ingredient manufacturers such as BetaPower®, Carnosyn®, Prohydrolase®, SPECTRA™ and PurCaf™, that spend millions of dollars on research, testing, and safety to maximize your results in the gym.

    It has been they dream now, for 7 years, to come out with a supplement line that was based on ETHICS and RESULTS, not PROFIT.


    It is theirr goal to give you the absolute best products truly backed by science. They have tested each and every one of these products in lab and the gym.

    Why does PRE-KAGED™ have 274 mg of caffeine and not 300 mg or 350 mg like some of the competitors’ products?


    Through vigorous R&D testing, the Kaged Muscle™ scientists discovered that when caffeine exceeds 275 mg, it may cause anxiety and can diminish the effect of nitric oxide production. Finding the perfect balance PurCaf™ Caffeine in Kaged Muscle™ provides an excellent mixture of energy and focus while NOT diminishing the effects of your pump.


    They goal was to formulate the BEST performing Pre-Workout on the market, not give you another stimulant cocktail that keeps you counting sheep while your heartbeat is racing late into the night.

    PRE-KAGED™ Neuro-Focus Matrix consists of PurCaf™ Organic Caffeine, two forms of L-Tyrosine, and Taurine along with B-Vitamins for further mood enhancement. It keeps you focused and in the game.

    KAGED MUSCLE™ is the opposite of the competition because of our combination of CLEAN caffeine and NEURO enhancing ingredients gets you in the ZONE without over-stimulation.

    PRE-KAGED™ gets in you in the zone, and then IN-KAGED™ keeps you in the ZONE. They are your two training partners that won't let you down.


    The caffeine and key nitric oxide ingredient are timed perfectly between PRE-KAGED™ and IN-KAGED™ for maximum effect without losing performance.


    Take PRE-KAGED™ 30 minutes prior to working out and start sipping IN-KAGED™ 40-45 minutes after consuming PRE-KAGED™.

  • Serving type
    Units per case
    6 pcs
    NET weight of the product
    640 g.
    840 g/pcs
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