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We can offer several shipping options:


1. Customers are welcome to arrange and pay for their own shipping. Please, contact us to arrange the pick-up with your transport company and choose the “Pick up by own cargo partner” shipping method.


2. If you require for us to make the shipping arrangements, we will do so and the cost will be added to your invoice. As follows:


  • A. If your order weighs less than 300 Kg’s (at UPS 200 kg's), it will be sent by our contracted courier partners (DPD, GLS and UPS), for an approximate cost, please check our supplied chart and choose “DPD, GLS or UPS” shipping method.

Please note that the shipping costs will vary depending on the location of your company therefore please, define what your specific zone is based on the below charts

(* under this sign both service transportation time can be influenced by the Custom process)


(**PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot find you country on the ZONES CHART or your location is an ISLAND than you cannot use those transportations price which you may find below into the TRANSPORTATION PRICE CHARTS. If, these information’s about you than please contact with us to find an individual solution for your transport.)


Second important element is the package weight and the number of the packages:

Weight information:


  • 1 package weight can be maximum 30 Kg’s (Gross weight)1 package net weight can be approximately 27 Kg’s (Gross weight 30 Kg’s)
    • (Gross weight: weight of the goods+ weight of the package materials)
  • For example:
    • 2 packages net weight can be approximately 54 Kg’s (Gross weight 60 Kg’s)
    • 3 packages net weight can be approximately 81 Kg’s (Gross weight 90 Kg’s)
    • and so on…


After you clarify the correct zone and the “weight” you will be able to calculate the transportation cost the next charts. (Note: you can see the transportation cost if you have only one package or you have more packages.)

(Please, note that: All details and prices are for information only. The prices are the international fuel prices which can change at least once a month.)


(**If your location is an Island than these calculations are not valid for you. Therefore you need to contact with us for a special shipping offer.)



  •  B. If your order weighs in excess of 300 Kg’s, the shipping cost will vary depending on the size of the order and the destination. We will send you a shipping quotation prior to completing your order, so you can decide if you want to use our shipping, or arrange your own. Please choose the “Agreed transportation” shipping method.


  • C. For orders outside of the EU, and for overseas orders, the shipping cost will vary depending on the size of the order, the destination, and the mode (air, surface, courier, postal). In this case contact us for a quotation and to make arrangements. If you use this process, please choose the “Pick up by own cargo partner” shipping method.



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