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Level 4 (14000 € - 22000 €)      

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NUTRITION TRADER works with a pre-payment system which means that all orders have to be paid in advance only via automated banking.


As soon as we have received your payment our system will release your order and our team will start processing it. We will immediately contact you to confirm receipt and discuss the next steps i.e. special preparation of the order, transportation etc.


Other important information:


  • If your Company doesn’t own an EU VAT number or it was entered incorrectly at registration then:
    • You can purchase without an EU VAT number but 27% VAT will be added to your final invoice. To avoid this, please provide your company’s valid EU VAT number and we will update your customer status in our system.
    • (for more information visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VAT_identification_number)


If you will be ordering from a non-EU country and the destination of the goods will be outside the EU then the shipping method will influence your payment. Which can be the following:


  • 1. For companies


  • A. if you arrange your own shipping, we are required to add Hungarian VAT of 27% to the amount of your invoice, which will be refunded to you once you have submitted to us the properly signed and stamped customs document indicating that the shipment has left the EU zone. Your Customer Service Representative will assist you with the documents. You have the option of receiving the VAT refund by automated banking to your designated bank account, or using the amount as a credit against future purchases.


  • B. If we arrange the delivery for you, then we do NOT have to add Hungarian VAT to your purchase but we must add an extra charge of approximately 15 EUR for the export clearance documentation.


  • 2. For individuals (non-corporations)


  • If your order is shipped directly to you then the same procedure applies as shown above in parts A for companies. If you come to our warehouse to pick up your order, Hungarian VAT of 27% will be added to your invoice. In order to receive a VAT refund you must submit a VAT reclaim form for foreign travelers. We can assist you with this document when you pick up your order. We will then reimburse the VAT by automated banking to your designated bank account, or as a credit for future purchases.


NOTE: We will contact you immediately after you place your order. However, if we are unable to reach you after 5 days we will cancel the order.


Please be informed that all bank transfer costs are borne by the customer.

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