Our Discount Policy:

   DISCOUNT LEVELS                     

Level 1 (1000 €- 3500 €) 

Level 2 (3500 € - 7000 €)          

Level 3 (7000 € - 14000 €)        

Level 4 (14000 € - 22000 €)      

Level spec1 (22000 € < )    Individual prices




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How to be come our client (Ordering Method)


1. Click on the “PRODUCTS” tab to see the complete product list with prices and discounts. Under “CATEGORIES” on the left there is a menu allowing you to choose a particular product or brand.


2. After clicking on the required product or brand just choose the type of product, size and flavor you would like. If you would like to see further details about a product, then click on the name of the product or its picture and a popup a subpage providing the following information: -

  • Short description, supplement facts and a nice quality picture.
  •  “ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS” where you can enjoy our special service where we offer different kinds of additional products to give you new ideas and help your purchasing process.
  •  “INFO” where you can find several useful information about the product like “SERVING TYPE, UNIT PER CASE, GROSS and NET WEIGHT” of the product and “STOCK” quantity.


The next step is to check the stock quantity which is under the name of the product and enter the number of units of each product you require and click on the “ADD TO CART” icon.


NOTE: If there is no “ADD TO CART” icon next to the product you want to buy than it means that unfortunately we are unable to sell that item from that brand into your country.


3. If you placed several items in your basket then the easiest way to check them is if you click on the “BASKET” icon in the top right corner. Here you can check which products you are purchasing, the quantities and importantly the cost.


Our discount policy is based on the total cost level as follows:

Minimum order: 1000 EUR

LEVEL 1 = 1000 USD – 3,500 EUR

LEVEL 2 = 3,500 USD – 7,000 EUR                                             (1,38% off from Level1 prices)

LEVEL 3 = 7,000 USD – 14,000 EUR                                           (2,76% off from Level1 prices)

LEVEL 4 = 14,000 USD – 22,000 EUR                                        (4,15% off from Level1 prices)

LEVEL SPEC 1 = over 22,000 EUR                                              (Individual offer)


4. Clicking the “ORDER” tab will start the process to finalize your orderin four steps. The shopping cart will automatically adjust the amount of your discount based on the total value of your order.


5. At the second stage of checkout, your paymet will marked automatically since we only have one payment method. After this you should select “TRANSPORT TYPE”. If NutritionTrader is arranging delivery to you by their transport company, the cost of transport will be added to your invoice. The method and cost of transport arranged by Nutrition Trader will vary depending on the size, weight, and destination of the order. If you need more information regarding our transportation types, then go to the “CUSTOMER SUPPORT” section and choose the “SHIPPING” option.


6. At stage three “DATA VERIFICATION” you can check all data which are necessary for your order. Please, make sure that the billing and shipping address are correct. If you notice any errors in the checking process, then you will be able to correct them by clicking on the pencil icon above the problematic section.

Also, if you have any important needs or requests relating to your order then use the “NOTE” field at the bottom of the page.


7. Once you have verified your data proceed to stage four “SUBMIT”and complete the order. You will receive an automatic confirmation of your order to your registered e-mail address. Please note that this confirmation will show only the ordered items, the basic price of the products (Not the discounted ones), quantities and the NET or Gross totals. The reason for this is that we must check every item in your order to be sure that we can supply you with them. After our confirmation, we will issue your proforma invoice. The proforma invoice will contain all items with the discounted prices and include the wire instructions.


If you have any questions about your purchase please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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